Saturday, October 28, 2006

Self healing in cancer

This site is dedicated to Eve with breast cancer. However the recommendations how to handle cancer apply to any cancer and to any disease. Our narrative begins when Eve discovers a small hardening in her breast. She then visits an oncologist, undergoes a series of treatments, and when treatments end she is told that she is cured.

Unfortunately most patients are not cured and cancer flares up again. Nevertheless medicine maintains that cancer is curable. How come and where is the catch? Breast cancer is a chronic disease extending over decades. 24% of patients with a tumor in their breast and axillary nodes (regional cancer), live at least 20 years whereupon cancer flares up again. Medicine on the other hand, declares patients alive ten years after diagnosis as cured.

What intrigued me is that in some patients cancer flares up soon, while other live with cancer in peace for years. What is their secret and how might it be applied to other patients? This secret is linked with the way our organism handles diseases.

Self healing diseases

Many diseases like common cold or a flu are self healing and we wonder under which circumstances might cancer be also self healing? Such an idea seems strange since cancer is perceived as a fatal disease, nevertheless even cancer may be self healing. How come?

While the flu generally heals by itself, for some weak and elderly people it may be deadly. Although their organism mobilizes its defenses against the virus, since it is weak it fails. The outcome of flu depends not only on the invading virus, but also on the available resources of the organism. If strengthened, it will resist the flu better, and vice versa.

Strengthening the organism

There are two ways to strengthen a weak organism. Feed it, and train it. While the first is obvious, how to train the organism to resist a flu? Immunization is such a training. You train the organism to handle weakened viruses, and it learns how to resist strong ones. Exercise is another way to strengthen the organism so that it will handle viruses more efficiently. This example illustrates that a disease has two components:

1. Disease driver, or agent, like the virus.
2.The resources of the organism.

The site illustrates how to "train" the organism to live with cancer in peace.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Cancer and Organism maintain a balance

From its very beginning cancer and organism maintain a delicate balance (Homeostasis) which is maintained as long as the patient lives. The site called Cancer and Wisdom of the Body explores the nature of this delicate balance. After entering the site the reader may chose one of three paths:
1. Path for the patient 2. for the physician and 3. for the philosopher .

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Control your cancer!

  • There is more to cancer than just its tumor. Cancer is systemic disease manifested locally by a tumor.
  • Cancer is an interaction between a carcinogen and protective means mobilized by the organism.
  • The organism has a wisdom, or Wisdom of the Body (WOB), which controls processes in the body.
  • WOB controls also healing processes like immunity.
  • Healing processes, other than immunity, operate in cancer.
  • WOB communicates with your mind, and you may communicate with it. It has a language.
  • You will learn how to understand WOB's language and control your cancer.
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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Cancer and Wisdom of the Body

Dear friends,
I created a web site
Name: Cancer and Wisdom of the Body
It describes:
A new way to treat cancer based on a new theory
and new philosophy of medicine.
It suggests a practical way to resist cancer.
I would appreciate for notifying it to your audience.